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Scarborough Adult Learning Center

Personal Enrichment

Barre Bootcamp


with Jenna Chase

Calendar Next available session starts Mar 1, 2022 at 6:15 am, runs for 6 weeks
2 additional sessions through Apr 12, 2022

ZOOM This low impact workout produces a big burn! Barre combines elements of strenght training, Pilates/Yoga, and dance. Small movements and many repetitions tone muscles that you didn't even know you had! Join Instructor Jenna Chase to look and feel your best. 

Hearing Nature's Lessons


with Martin Gagnon

Calendar Next available session starts Mar 2, 2022 at 6 pm, runs for 1 week

Nature has been a source of wonder and inspiration for philosophers, artists, scientists, and poets for centuries. Albert Einstein once said to, "look deep into nature and you will understand everything." Henry David Thoreau frequently kept company with a Beech tree! Using a mindfulness-based approach, this class will examine how the physical traits, behaviors, and characteristics of animals can serve as lessons of wisdom for humans while instilling a greater appreciation in us all for our natural teachers

Modern Punch Needle


with Sarah deGrandis

Calendar Next available session starts Mar 8, 2022 at 6 pm, runs for 1 week

Make a modern and fun piece of wall art for your home using the traditional craft of punch needle rug hooking! Learn the basics and tools of punch needle, as wells as tips and tricks, ideas on how to finish your piece, and the confidence to start new projects on your own. Choose from a cute cat, floral, mod drop, color block bloom, or modern abstract design. Cost includes materials kit with hoop, punch needle, cloth, yarn, and tip sheet. 

Computer Basic for Beginners


with Jen Adams

Calendar Next available session starts Mar 23, 2022 at 4:30 pm, runs for 2 weeks
1 additional session on Apr 5, 2022

Are you looking to strengthen your computer skills? Come join us for two evenings to learn more! The first night of class will be gathering your questions and goals about your computer use. Topics that may be covered include: turning your computer on and off, using a mouse vs. a trackpad, keyboard navigation, hardware vs. software vocabulary, using Google to search for information, and privacy and security considerations. Topics offered are subject to change depending upon questions students bring to class! No computer needed-Chromebook laptops will be available for in-class practice. 

Beyond Beginner Guitar


with Ian Weidner

Calendar Next available session starts Mar 23, 2022 at 6:30 pm, runs for 4 weeks

Ready to take it to the next level? Further develop your guitar playing skills and improve your understanding of the guitar fret board. We'll also play blues progressions and rhythms, touch on simple music theory, and being to improvise and express each student's creativity. Acoustic guitar, capo, and pick required. An electronic tuner is highly recommended. 

The Link Between Stress, Dysbiosis, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome


with Stepanie Walsh, MNT, CEPC, CPT

Calendar Next available session starts Mar 24, 2022 at 5:30 pm, runs for 1 week

Stress has been shown to disturb gut microbiota balance and to even exacerbate IBS symptoms. We are now learning that gut microbiota may also play a role in IBS. This presentation shares information on this complicated condition. 

Nutrition for Women


with Hillary Pride

Calendar Next available session starts Mar 24, 2022 at 6 pm, runs for 1 week

ZOOM As we age and our bodies change, so do our specific nutrient needs. Join Scarborough Hannaford Dietitian, Hillary Pride, for an informative look at nutrition needs specific to women. Participants will discover why nutrition is so important as we age, which nutrients to be aware of, and creative ways to add these to your plate to support strong, healthy aging. 

Backyard Chickens


with Raychell Libby

Calendar Next available session starts Mar 29, 2022 at 5:30 pm, runs for 1 week

Fresh eggs, tick protection, garden compost and more from raising backyard chickens! Chickens are relatively low maintenance and offer so many rewards. Learn what it takes to raise happy hens in suburban spaces. Topics covered include: baby chicks, best breeds for your family, hen houses and yard setup, feeding and health, and winter care. Bring your questions and get expert answers to successfully raise a few of your own hens. 

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